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Scavenger Hunt 
New and Young Families 
Sunday, June 11, 2023

Free Event

Scavenger Hunt for New and Young Families 

We have an event for our new and young family rider. Get ready for a thrilling adventure at the club property! We have designed an event for new riders and families with young riders.  

We are setting up a course on the south side just for our new riders.  This will offer a place to ride without the pressure that Open Clase is going to go through.  We are going to keep this simple and fun.  Follow the clues, answer the questions, and collect the artifacts as you make your way through the property. It's not just about finding things, but also about having fun and spending time with your family.

Design for new riders for families with a group of little riders this offer just the right amount fo challenge for all to enjoy.  

Enter as a team or as an individual

This is a team event.  Enter as a team and give it a crazy name and work together to solve the challenges presented to your team. If you don't have a team we still want you.  We will create teams or add you to another team.  No limits on how big a team can be.  This is a club event for members to meet and ride with each other.

BBQ and Awards

When all the teams are back at the club property the BBQ will start.  Enjoy telling stories of your exploits on the trails and brag to all about how you single-handedly conquered all the tasks. 

Getting Ready!

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