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Group Rides

Just Show Up

We have a set time and location where members meet up.  Starting and ending at the club property we always start at the same time.  Sometimes you may be the only rider who shows up, other times we have such a large group we break into different teams based on rider skill level.  

  • Learn the trails

  • Learn new skills

  • Ride in a group for safety

  • Organize rides to different regions far and wide


 Our group rides are also a great opportunity to meet up with fellow riders and organize other rides. 

Tuesday Night Rider

Every Tuesday night starting at 6 pm, meet up at the club property.  Our Tuesday night rides are legendary to bring out our veteran racers.  Early in the season enjoy the long days but as we get into the fall you will learn just how good your headlight really is.  


  • Just Show up

  • Starts at 6 pm at the club property  

Weekend Group Rides

We alternate between Saturday and Sunday.  Just show up and be ready to hit the trails at 10 am.  This is a great way to learn the trails, and new skills and ride in a group (for safety).  

  • Alternates between Saturday and Sundays (see calendar) 

  • Starts at 10 am from the club property 

  • Larger groups may split into several teams

Meet fellow riders

Don't ride alone

Learn from the pro's

Improve your riding

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