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Members Area and Volunteering

Run by and for the club

NTR is a not-for-profit club, and as such, it is run by an elected volunteer Board of Directors, all of whom are members. Club involvement is central to the club's culture, and all events are organized and run by members for members and guests. That's why volunteering is crucial to the club's success.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of NTR, and they ensure that the club's riding events and activities continue. Volunteering also meets your membership obligation to volunteer for at least four hours per year. Additionally, it's an excellent opportunity to meet other club members, learn the trail systems and local riding areas, and support advocacy efforts to protect and guarantee access to ever-fewer riding areas.

Moreover, volunteering is a lot of fun. You can ride with family and friends while supporting your club. NTR needs your ideas, insights, connections, time, and passion for the sport to keep it running. Share your skills and help NTR.

There are numerous volunteer activities available for riders of all levels. These activities include trail clearance, leading and organizing club events, helping run club events by setting up, registering, sound testing, parking, exploring and mapping new trails, guiding small groups of riders, placing directional arrows on trails in advance of events, sweeping trails, and removing arrows following events, and promoting NTR.

If you have any questions, please contact the NTR Volunteer Coordinator or the specific event organizer whose contact information can be found on the event web page. Remember, volunteering is essential to ensuring that NTR remains a thriving club for years to come.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you we will contact you.

Select your Committee

Learn more about each committee and select the ones you want to be part of.  As a member of Northumberland Trail Riders, we ask for your participation in at least one committee. Being a member of a committee is what makes this club great.  We have great events because of our members.  

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