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Events over the entire riding season

We run events that cater to our entire membership including our members that do not ride.  What makes us unique is our club property.  We have a place where all the riders can gather and have access to parking, a changing area, a roof, and picnic tables.  Furthermore, we have BBQs and a fire pit that makes a great end to when the riding finishes.  However, it's our volunteers that make our events epic. 

Throughout the year we hold several regular events.  From social gathers to hard-edge enduro racing.  We also hold events that benefit the community, each spring we sponsor a section of the highway and clean up the garbage that drivers toss out their windows.  We participated in local Christmas parades as well as staffed booths at shows.  We have several types of events:  


Social Events:  These are events for everyone.  From regularly scheduled ride nights and weekends to our famous scavenger hunt and family day. Our social events bring out our membership to enjoy riding in a non-competitive environment.  Best of all most of these rides end back at the club property for a BBQ. 

Race Preparation:  We sponsor a test section at the famous Cordory Enduro.  Each fall we help prepare a race section to ensure it's safe and passable but also a challenge to racers.  During the race, we also help in marshaling and staffing test sections. This is a great opportunity for non-races to participate in the event.  


Off-Road Race:  We have a strong contingent of racers that travel around the province to run in the Off-Road Ontario Racing Series.  Many of the members who race pit together.  We also organize races.  We build trails, officiate and provide the staff to support a full day of racing. 

Have an idea?  We are always looking for new ideas.  Would you like to organize a group ride or a social event at the club property or at the local pub?  Maybe it's a dual-sport ride or gathering some members in winter to walk through basic dirt bike maintenance.  Submit your ideas to the executive team, once approved we can even help you promote the event.  ​

See the events calendar or below for more information.

A riding season full of events

Our Events

Have an Idea

Would you like to plan, organize and run an event

Want to host an event, organize a group ride, or host an epic adventure?  Submit your ideas to the club executive and get on the monthly meeting agenda.  Once approved create a committee of volunteers and run an event that all will enjoy.      


See the Calendar

See all the events we have planned for 2023

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