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2023 Events Calendar

Learn about all the events we have planned for the year.  Simply click on the event to learn more as well as use our events page for details of our larger events and to register. 

Help make our Events Successful:

Volunteer activities are linked directly to specific events and activities.

  1. Review the list of club events and identify events you would like to support.

  2. Click on the event to learn more, to volunteer use the event registration page, and tell us where you can help.

  3. Not sure where to start or just want to indicate an interest in volunteering and helping NTR use the contact page and send us a message

The event organizer and/or volunteer coordinator will communicate directly with the volunteers to fill vacancies, arrange training as required, make adjustments, and coordinate details. 


Have an idea for an event or are you planning a group ride or a trip, send a message and we will post it here.    

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