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Quiet Forest

Property Committee

Trail Building and Maintenance 

At the NTR club, we take great pride in our trails and work hard to maintain and enhance them for all our members to enjoy. We're calling on all our members with special skills and anyone who would like to help to join us in this effort.

Whether you're a landscaper, property manager, builder, contractor, civil engineer, urban planner, heavy equipment operator, land surveyor, or just someone who wants to lend a hand, we need your help to keep our trails safe and rideable for all.

Our trail teams are a lot of fun, and we encourage you to give your team a name and challenge other teams. The camaraderie with other riders is fantastic, and some teams even have team-only rides and gatherings after they have maintained the trail.

If you and a group of friends would like to build new single-track trails, we have a few projects in the planning stages as well. Working on a trail team is a great way to get involved with the club and make a meaningful contribution to the off-road community.

So, please reach out to the property committee and learn how you can help us maintain and enhance our trails. Your help is critical to keeping our trails safe and enjoyable for all our members. Let's work together to ensure that our off-road community thrives for years to come.


Thank you we reach out to you and give you the details

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