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Cordory Enduro

Building Trails and Running a Test Section

Northumberland Trail Riders (NTR) is a not-for-profit club that advocates for off-road motorcycle riding in Ontario, Canada. The club is committed to creating and maintaining safe and sustainable trails for its members, and actively engages in trail maintenance, advocacy, and education initiatives.

One of NTR's recent projects was to help build and run a test section at the Corduroy Enduro, an annual off-road motorcycle race held in the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve in Ontario. The Corduroy Enduro is one of the most challenging off-road races in Canada and attracts riders from all over the country.

The test section at the Corduroy Enduro is an important part of the race, as it allows riders to test their skills and equipment before tackling the main race course. The section consists of a variety of obstacles, including steep hills, deep mud pits, rocks, and logs.

NTR played a significant role in building and running the test section at the Corduroy Enduro. Club members volunteered their time and expertise to design and build the obstacles, ensuring that they were safe and challenging for riders. NTR also provided volunteers to help run the test section during the race, ensuring that riders were safe and that the section ran smoothly.

The club's involvement in the Corduroy Enduro is a testament to its commitment to promoting off-road motorcycle riding in Ontario. By helping to build and run the test section, NTR was able to showcase its expertise in trail building and maintenance, as well as its commitment to rider safety.

In addition to its involvement in the Corduroy Enduro, NTR is actively engaged in other initiatives to promote off-road motorcycle riding in Ontario. The club organizes group rides, trail maintenance days, and other events to encourage riders to get involved and support the sport.

NTR is also committed to advocacy, and works closely with local and provincial governments to promote the benefits of off-road motorcycle riding, and to secure access to public lands for riders.

Overall, NTR's involvement in the Corduroy Enduro is just one example of the club's commitment to promoting safe and sustainable off-road motorcycle riding in Ontario. Through its trail building and maintenance initiatives, advocacy efforts, and community engagement, NTR is making a significant contribution to the off-road motorcycle community in Ontario, and helping to ensure that the sport continues to thrive for generations to come.

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