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Simple Maintenace 

Free Event

Keep your bike running and safe

Your bike must be safe to ride.  We ride an off-road bike and by nature, the environment we ride in is tough on the bike.  Your bike needs to be maintained and safe to operate. 

Best Practice Approach to Maintaining your Bike 

Learn some basic skills to maintain your bike.  Learn what you can do on your bike and when it is time to send the bike to a licensed technician. Your owner's manual runs through the simple tasks to keep your bike running.  These include but are not limited to oil changes, adjusting the chain, and cleaning the air filter.  

Learn about tools

Learn about the basic tools you will need for simple maintenance. What are the tools you will need but also where and how to use.  Learn about torque wrenches and their proper use.  

Learn how to look up parts

From time to time you are going to need to replace broken and worn-out parts.  Learn how to look up parts for your bike. This includes both aftermarket and OEM parts.

Learn how to use the manual 

The manual for your bike is your resource on how to properly maintain your bike.  Your manual covers all the simple and basic task to keep your bike running and safe. Learn how to use your manul for simple task.  

About the Event


This event is not intended to certify you, nor will it make you a motorcycle mechanic. The intent is to help you have a better understanding of your dirt bike and the potential problems that may affect the safe operation of your motorcycle.

Simple Maintenance
Limited to Four People
Add your name to the list. Once we have the new dates we will send a message to you. 

We are full! Please watch out for future events.

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