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Fun Events

Northumberland Trails Riders (NTR) has a rich history of organizing and hosting events that cater to our entire membership, including members who do not ride. What sets us apart is our club property, which serves as a gathering place for all riders. The property includes parking, a changing area, a roof, and picnic tables. We also have BBQs and a fire pit that make for a great end to a day of riding. However, it's our volunteers who make our events truly epic.

Throughout the year, we hold several regular events, from fun social gatherings to hard-edge enduro racing. We also organize events that benefit the community, such as our annual highway clean-up in the spring, where we sponsor a section of the highway and pick up litter that drivers toss out their windows. We also participate in local Christmas parades and staff booths at shows.

Our events can be categorized into two types: social and fun events, and competitive events.

Social and Fun Events:

These events are for everyone, regardless of skill level. They are fun social events where riders can come together and enjoy riding in a non-competitive environment. Most of these events end back at the club property for a BBQ, which is a great opportunity for members to socialize and make new friends.

Here are some of the social and fun events we organize:

  • Scavenger Hunt: A fun event where riders search for clues while exploring the trails.

  • Group Rides: Regularly scheduled rides for members to ride together.

  • Family Day: A family-friendly event where members can bring their loved ones to enjoy the property and activities.

  • Bonfires and BBQ at the Club: A great way to end a day of riding, with a BBQ and bonfire at our club property.

Competitive Events:

Our competitive events are more challenging and are geared towards riders who are looking for a tougher challenge. These events range from enduro racing to trials riding. They provide a great opportunity for riders to test their skills and compete against others.

Here are some of the competitive events we organize:

  • Enduro Racing: Our hard-edge enduro racing is not for the faint of heart. It's a challenging event that tests the limits of even the most skilled riders.

  • Trials Riding: Our trials riding events are a great way for riders to practice their balance and precision.

At NTR, we are always looking for new ideas and events. If you have an idea for an event, we encourage you to submit it to the executive team for consideration. Once approved, we can even help you promote the event to ensure its success.

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