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Another Great Scavenger Hunt HeldWatch out for Next Year's Event

We Have Winners!

Are you ready to embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey? We're about to take you on a wild ride that will put your skills and knowledge to the test. This is no ordinary scavenger hunt - this is a race against time and your fellow competitors.

How the 2025 organizing team will be determined

Who wins the draw will organize and run the 2025 event.  The winning team will get one ticket, second place gets two tickets, and third place gets three tickets, where your team scores determine how many tickets your team will get.  All the tickets go into a hat, and we draw to see who will run next year’s event.  The more tickets your team has the higher chance you are hosting the 2024 event.  You do want to win this one!

Enter as a team or as an individual

This is a team event.  Enter as a team and give it a crazy name and work together to solve the challenges presented to your team. If you don't have a team we still want you.  We will create teams or add you to another team.  No limits on how big a team can be.  This is a club event for members to meet and ride with each other.

Le Manns Start at the Club Property  

The famous "Le Manns Start".  We are having a staggered start for each team.  When you show up at the club property park your bike on the starting line.  When the flag drops for your team the excitement starts.

BBQ and Awards

When we are all done please join us for the club-provided BBQ. Enjoy telling stories of your exploits on the trails and brag to all about how you single-handedly conquered the special sections.  We will hand out the trophy to the winning team and draw for which team will host the 2024 event.  You do want to win this one. 

From the Event...

We asked the teams to be creative with the photos and have some fun.

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