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Club Trail Status:  Open

Northumberland County Forest Trails (Public):  Open (Lookout Mountain is Closed to Dirt Bikes) 

NTR Club Property: Members-only Club Property Trails are Open

About the NTR Members Only Club Property 

The club owns 100 acres of forested property with 5 loops of single-track trail, totalling about 12 kilometres in length, a short kids course within a viewable area, and a nice picnic area with shelter and an enclosed change area. Open only to club members we hold regular ride nights/days, BBQs, fun events for non-riders and riders alike. 

The Trails and Forest Committee is actively seeking volunteers to assist with spring clean-up efforts. We'll be dedicating several weekends to clearing fallen trees from the trails and tidying up the property in preparation for the riding season. If you're interested in lending a hand, please use the link provided below, and the committee chair will contact you with further details.


  • Access Road: The access road into the property is not maintained during winter, rendering it impassable once snowfall begins. Access will only be possible by walking.


  • Fire Pit: If you wish to use the fire pit, follow these rules:


1.    Prior Notification: Before starting a fire, contact the county. The club holds a fire permit, but it is crucial to inform the county each time you plan to use the fire pit.

2.    Contact Information: The telephone number for county notification is displayed on the signboard at the club.

3.    Fire Safety: Maintain control of the fire at all times.

4.    Extinguishing the Fire: Before leaving, ensure that the fire is completely extinguished and safe to be left unattended.


  • Garbage: Contribute to keeping the club property clean by adhering to the principle of "what you bring in, you take out." There is no disposal service available.


  • Locating the Club Property: Create a login on the website to gain access to the members' area and find the location.


Questions or Concerns: For more information about the Club Property and its use during the winter, please contact Club President Shawn Hall at


Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy your winter activities responsibly.

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