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Endruo Racing

Every motorbike enthusiast will tell you that there is always a battle of supremacy between Motocross and Enduro including other types of biking sports. For a newcomer in this field, you might find the two terms to be strange or rather confusing.

The two sports are very similar because they involve identical-looking motorbikes but with slightly different features.

What is Enduro?


Enduro is actually a type of dirt biking sport that is conducted on an extended cross-country terrain or rather, an off-road course. Normally, enduro consists of several challenges and obstacles that every participating biker needs to pass through. In other words, enduro means racing or riding dirt bikes a long difficult and challenging terrain.

What Exactly is Enduro Riding?

The term enduro is used by different people to refer to quite a number of different things. Just like any other ordinary word, enduro has different uses in reference to different aspects of dirt bike sporting. Here are a few examples of how this term is used:

  • First of all, the term is popular when referring to off-road rather than an official track.

  • Enduro is commonly used when talking about longer distances than those covered in trials bike riding or on track.

  • Also, the name is a common reference to the normal dirt bike used in this type of sport as opposed to the bikes used on trials.

  • Enduro in dirt biking involves riding along the track or path that is likely to pose some challenges to the riders. Usually, the paths or trails used are characterized by rocks, creeks, meanders, mountains to climb, hills to descend or any other obstacle on the riders’ way.


Enduro Racing

When it comes to enduro racing, you will be surprised to find out that the courses are natural terrain or trails marked out through forests, rugged terrain, and woodland.

Occasionally, the man-made obstacles are strategically placed along the way to spice up the whole enduro race. As a matter of fact, these are some of the most exciting races one can think of.

The races can last for more than seven hours which makes it difficult to watch them continuously from the start to the end.

Nevertheless, it is always exciting to watch riders pull out near-impossible stunts, negotiate scary downhill boulder passes, cut sharp corners, ride through muddy meadows or go atop some obstacles.

All these scenes make enduro racing an exciting sport to watch let alone participating in it.

Most of the courses for enduro racing range from just a few miles to hundreds of miles. As mentioned earlier, the courses may cover small woodland areas or go through forests and terrains in what can be said to be a cross country.

For dirt bikers, the courses need someone with skills. Most of them are completely off road and if you are not an adrenaline junkie, you may find yourself giving up prematurely.


Working Together

NTR has a rich history of producing some of the fastest racers in Ontario.  Our members have completed both locally and at international events. 


Learn from our Members

New to racing or do you need to learn new skills?  Our club members will answer your question and even help you learn new enduro skills. 


NTR Paddock

NTR members are known to work with and help each other in the paddock. While on the race course, the first person you want to pass is your fellow club member, but when in the paddock we all set up and work together. 

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